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Trump's EPA chief says CO2 isn't main cause of climate change

Claim is at odds with scientists, including the agency he oversees.

Pruitt's statement is at odds with scientific consensus.

Watch a tornado tear up a highway in Colorado

This intense video of a Tornado in ‚Äčeastern Colorado was uploaded by AccuWeather to their YouTube account over the weekend.

Missing WW1 tugboat found after 95 years

After being lost at sea in 1921, the World War I-era tug USS Conestoga was found sunk about 30 miles from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

In producing natural gas, excessive methane leaks offset environmental benefits

Utah, we have a problem. That's the conclusion of a report from the publication Nature saying that methane leaks from US natural gas fields may be anywhere from two to three times as large as previously estimated.