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Colorado to adopt California's zero-emission vehicle program in 2023

Shoppers could be seeing more electric cars on dealer lots in Colorado soon

Colorado and major automakers said on Monday they have reached a deal on the state's plan to adopt California's zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) requirements after earlier talks had ended without a deal. The state, which plans to join the California program starting in the 2023 model year, has agreed to allow automakers to earn credits for selling electric vehicles in the two model years prior and use other transitional credits available in other states.

Denver will test Hyperloop-inspired transport system

Arrivo will build a car transporter in a tube to shrink the city's long journey times.

Colorado's Department of Transportation has teamed up with Arrivo.

Autonomous tech will drive motorheads off the road

Leave mindless commuting to robo-taxis, driving enthusiasts will take to the track and trails

Will the 'passenger economy' come to pass?

Hyperloop One raises $245M, needs 10 times that for Colorado route

360-mile route would connect Denver, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Vail

It would bring in $2 billion in annual revenue, and do even more to boost the regional economy.

Bear takes SUV for a joyride | Autoblog Minute

In colorado, a bear broke into an SUV, taking the vehicle for a short joyride before crashing into a mailbox and fleeing the scene. A demolished interior and feces wore found inside.

Flash Flood Rescue | Autoblog Minute

Fremont County Sheriff's Office rescued a man and his dog from a flash flood near Phantom Canyon Rd. in Colorado. Firefighters raced to the scene, and rescued the driver and his dog. No one was harmed in the rescue.

Watch golfball-size hail smash windshields to smithereens

Cars stuck in traffic were pummeled, and hundreds were damaged at a Toyota Lexus dealer.

Oh, hail no.

Speeding Ford GT prototype test drivers cleared of charges in Colorado

Ford spokesperson Mike Levine confirmed that all the charges have been dropped against the drivers of the Ford GT prototypes pulled over for speeding.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Revealed | Autoblog Minute

The Colorado ZR2 promises to be a mid-size truck that's off-road ready right off of the production line. Available with diesel or gas engines, Chevy revealed the 2017 Colorado ZR2 at the LA Auto Show.

Autonomous beer transport is happening in Colorado

This Bud doesn't need a driver to get to you.

Maybe 120 miles isn't a lot, but Otto's efforts with Anheuser-Busch represent a big advance in freight transport.

EVgo strings fast-charging stations across Colorado

New Colorado Springs-area fast-chargers complete Rocky Mountain chain.

Colorado-based Vision Ridge Partners acquired EVgo from NRG earlier this year.

Not even Ford GT prototypes can get away from the cops [UPDATE]

Three supercars were caught speeding in Colorado.

Going double the speed limit results in a hefty ticket and a court date.

Spy Shots
Gasoline-powered Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 spied

Don't rule out an optional diesel engine.

Although the concept was diesel-fueled, it appears that Chevy is readying a gasoline variant.

Nissan's No Charge To Charge for Leaf expands to 10 new markets

Florida, Maine, Colorado, and the Carolinas part of the expansion.

But will this help increase sales?

Colorado bear locks itself inside of, destroys Subaru

A Golden, Colorado woman got a rude awakening when she discovered a black bear locked inside her car.

Colorado motorcyclist films parking lot scuffle with speeder

A motorcyclist from Colorado was out and about breaking in a new set of tires when he found himself in a steadily escalating road rage incident.

Colorado motorcyclist accosted by road raging cop

Helmet cams have become increasingly popular among motorcyclists, both for fun as a way to document possible incidents and accidents.

Shia LaBeouf is hitchhiking across the country for art

Shia LeBeouf has taken a lot of lumps in the press since he started his perplexing career as a performance artist.

Tesla Model S will run up Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The all-electric Tesla Model S will race with lighter batteries from Go Puck.

Tesla Model S electric sedan will race for the first time in the 12.4-mile Colorado mountain race.

Babysitter robs bank with kids in car

Apparently believing that the film Adventures in Babysitting was an instructional video, a Colorado babysitter is in jail for using the children she was watching as props in a bank heist.

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