The Ford GT's creation challenged the company's best minds

Just in time for Ford to start accepting applications from prospective Ford GT customers, company leaders like Bill Ford and Raj Nair are discussing the challenges of creating a successor to the famous GT.

The team conceived of the GT as a racecar and a production supercar from the beginning, which brought major hurdles to the project. In terms of engineering, the road-going version needed to connect with the wealthy clientele behind the wheel, but quick lap times are the only thing that matters when the GT arrives at Le Mans.

Ford's bosses admit using a turbocharged V6 is risky for a roughly $450,000 supercar, but they say the powerplant allows them to take the GT to the racetrack, and then market the technology's successes to the public. The same concept applies to the GT's cutting-edge aerodynamics and extensive use of carbon fiber.

Bill Ford apparently already has an order on the first GT and promises to drive it as often as possible. We hope he does. With just 250 of the supercars coming from the company each year, they will remain a rare sight on the road.

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