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Ousted Ford exec Raj Nair lands at firm that builds Ford GT

Nair left Ford following an investigation of 'inappropriate behavior'

Raj Nair, the former president of Ford North America who left the company earlier this year following an internal investigation into "inappropriate behavior," has a new gig as a top executive at the Canadian auto supplier that builds the Ford GT.

Ford names Lincoln chief as North American president following Nair's departure

The vacancy kicked off a chain of internal shuffles.

He'll also be the Ford Group vice president.

Ford reorg: New head of product once held the Mustang's reins

Another true car enthusiast is the new head of product development.

Ford engineer reveals the Focus RS drift mode wasn't planned

It's amazing to think that one of the Focus RS's biggest selling points may never have happened.

The Ford GT's creation challenged the company's best minds

Ford's leaders talk about the creation of the new GT in a new video, and they don't shy away from discussing the project's challenges.

Ford adopts Ferrari-like vetting process for GT sales

Ford's application process for the GT includes questions like how often prospective owners intend to drive the supercar and their Ford ownership history.

Ken Block shakes down the Ford Focus RS

For the first part in Ford's new documentary series, Ken Block gets behind the wheel of a preproduction Focus RS to see how it drives with Blue Oval Product Development Vice President Raj Nair.

Ford exec reveals new F-150 Raptor packs 450 horsepower

Ford didn't disclose output figures for its new performance lineup at its reveal in Detroit, but in a recent television interview at Daytona, product chief Raj Nair reportedly let slip that the new F-150 Raptor will offer 450 horsepower.

Ford 'working very hard' on F-150 hybrid

The lighter, aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 gets (at best) 26 miles per gallon. That's not bad for a truck that size – and we should always remember that improving gas guzzlers can make a big difference – but what if the popular truck came with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain? How efficient would that be? We heard Ford talking about such a vehicle last year, and now we learn that Ford is still "working very hard" to make a F-150 hybrid happen.

Ford wants to double hybrid offerings by 2020

The Blue Oval is looking for folks on the other side of this Big Old Sphere to get on board with its hybrid offerings. Ford executive Raj Nair, speaking at the Detroit Auto Show this week, said the US automaker wants to double the number of hybrids models it offers by the end of the decade, Reuters reports. Details of what that actually means is anyone's guess, as it was unclear how many of those models would be in the US and how many would be overseas. That said, Nair did say that prospective c

Former Cadillac boss Butler takes Ford tech job

When Don Butler made the decision to leave his post as Cadillac's VP of global strategic development, it was a surprise. Citing a desire to "recalibrate, reassess my priorities" in that August announcement, it wasn't entirely clear where Butler – a virtual General Motors lifer after spending nearly 30 years with the company – would end up. Turns out he took a trip to Dearborn.

Ford: We didn't overstate C-Max Hybrid mpg, low numbers were a surprise

There's kind of a lot to digest in the news about the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid EPA label change. In fact, as we tried to really understand how and why Ford downrated the car's fuel economy from 47 miles per gallon across the board to 43 mpg (combined, with 45 city and 40 on the highway) we learned about the EPA's so-called "general label rule," how Ford is now claiming it didn't fully understand how hybrid fuel economy is affected by factors like driving speed, break-in miles and temperature and w

Daimler, Ford, Nissan Announce Joint Development Of Fuel Cell Technology [VIDEO]

With newly-announced collaboration, will hydrogen fuel cell technology regain its luster?