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Ford’s modern supercar lives up to the myth.

A legend, already made.

Want to hit the Ford GT's 216-mph top speed? Better turn its steering wheel-mounted dial to V-Max.

This is purpose-built drag racer territory.

The record was set at the Texas Mile.

The show returns on March 5.

One of the few times a Ford GT is going to be overshadowed.

The owner's manual suggests yes.

It has a couple of differences that could indicate some weight savings.

Ford GT is the automaker's fastest production car ever. The 216 MPH Ford GT put up a better lap time at Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ontario, Canada than the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the McLaren 675LT.

New supercar "absolutely" will be faster on track.

Plus, tidbits about the GT's trick suspension.

It's not always easy to make a pile of bricks look like a real automobile.

The list includes the Ford GT, Mustang, and Fusion.

This recall only affects passenger side airbags.

Ford runs us through the display modes and features of the GT's 10-inch digital cluster.

The Ford GT design spec box, packed in a carbon-fiber case with a latch like the ones used on the race car, is filled with paint chips, interior swatches, mini wheels, and everything a GT customer could need to spec out their individual car.

It qualifies for the gas guzzler tax and falls short of competitors.

It even has the same overall fuel economy as its predecessor.

The carbon-fiber box would look great on a shelf. Next to a new GT.

Or if a Chiron isn't your style, Lego has a few other options.

It's going to be a happy December for one lucky gearhead.

Don't thank Santa, thank Ford.

Add some Le Mans-winning Blue Oval to your Lego collection.

Minifig, checkered flag, and trophy included.

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