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The Autoblog staff has driven a lot of vehicles in 2017. This video showcases our favorite vehicles from this year, along with some thoughts on why they made the list. Wanna read more head over to https://www.autoblog.com/photos/best-drivers-cars-2017/


Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.

Supercharged Predator and big, big brakes.


He resold the car in less than 30 days

Ford sues the actor and wrestler for breach of contract over his 2017 Ford GT.


Something old, something new, and something racy.

A short week that wasn't short on supercars.


It's expected to go for over $300,000

It will be auctioned in Fort Lauderdale.


GT owners can get a special version to match their cars.

They're inspired by the Ford GT and GT40.


He nearly broke the car's brakes.

He nearly broke the car's brakes.


Also learn about which cars are heaviest, most expensive, and more.

The last cars are all race cars.

A great way to prepare for the 24-hour race.


The Mustang, not the GT, was the original plan for the 24-hour race.

Phoenix succeeded where Project Silver failed.

First Drive

Ford’s modern supercar lives up to the myth.

A legend, already made.


Want to hit the Ford GT's 216-mph top speed? Better turn its steering wheel-mounted dial to V-Max.


This is purpose-built drag racer territory.

The record was set at the Texas Mile.


The show returns on March 5.

One of the few times a Ford GT is going to be overshadowed.


The owner's manual suggests yes.

It has a couple of differences that could indicate some weight savings.