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2022 Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition driving on the road and track

Ford will end production of the GT after the 2022 model year, but its design team isn't out of ideas yet. The latest (and probably last) Heritage Edition variant has been unveiled as a tribute to five prototypes built in 1964. Instead of honoring a race…

The new Corvette and Ford GT | The Autoblog Show Ep 06

You can now watch our TV Series 'The Autoblog Show' online, this time featuring performance cars. We have the Ford GT carving through California‚Äôs canyon roads, followed by a first look at the Toyota Supra. But first, just outside of Vegas, we test out…

We shut up and let the Ford GT do the talking

This summer, we had a GT for a whole day, and all of Los Angeles and the mountains nearby were our playground. Would this track-bred, track-raised machine hold up on real-world roads?

Ford GT | Autoblog

Autoblog Senior Editor Greg Migliore gets behind the wheel of Ford's supercar for the first time. Does it live up to the hype?

50th Anniversary of Ford GT40 Le Mans Victory

1966 Ford set history as one of the first American automobile manufacturers to win at Le Mans. Now, 50 years later Ford returned to Le Man in hopes of recapturing that spirit of racing.

Ford GT Active Aero Wind Tunnel Testing

A 2017 Ford GT prototype undergoes wind tunnel testing to check its active aero and overall shape. The front splitter, air intakes, and moving rear spoiler are all tested.

2016 Ford GT | Beauty-Roll

Autoblog brings you original footage of the 2016 Ford GT from every angle. So kick it into full-screen, turn up the volume, and enjoy exterior and interior shots of the 2016 Ford GT.

Ford GT40 Continuation Car Teaser | The List

In honor of Ford's return to endurance racing, The List hosts Jessi and Patrick take to the track in a GT40 MKII continuation car from the folks at Shelby, Superformance and Safir. Check out our full episode, driving historic Shelby racers!

Ford GT Active Rear Spoiler | 2016 NAIAS | Autoblog Short Cuts

Demo of the Ford GT's active rear spoiler.

Ford GT350 Performance Shift Light

Ford demonstrates its Performance Shift Light feature in the 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang.

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