It's not easy riding on two wheels. Just ask Florida biker Ron Gonzales. His helmet camera was rolling Monday during a confrontation with an angry driver during his morning commute to work. Gonzales told WSVN that he maneuvered between two stopped vehicles, known as lane splitting, when the man became enraged. Lane splitting is a common move by bikers, but it is illegal in the Sunshine State.

In this instance, the Ford driver's anger at getting passed by the motorcyclist turned dangerous very quickly. Once Gonzales made it to the front of traffic he was met at the next light by the irate driver, who swore at Gonzales and made rude hand gestures. Gonzales tried to get away, but he was chased by the driver at speeds of nearly 90 miles per hour. Gonzales and the man weaved in and out of incoming traffic. Gonzales tried to shake the angry driver, but it didn't work. Eventually, the driver leaned out of his window and spat on and hit Gonzales. He responded by smacking the driver's side mirror. Both men contacted police, and there is an ongoing investigation into the altercation.

Motorcyclists face a great deal of danger on the road. When drivers confront bikers, the danger is multiplied many fold. There are plenty of stories out there of drivers taking issue with motorcyclists, such as this driver who hit a biker who complained about their texting at a red light. Another driver sent a motorcyclist and his girlfriend skidding across the road for trying to pass in a no passing zone. According to the Institute for Highway Safety motorcycle riders were 26 times likely to be killed in a crash in 2013.

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