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Autonomous Chevy Bolt collides with motorcycle in San Francisco

GM's Cruise Automation not at fault, police say.

The car from GM's Cruise Automation was not at fault, police say.

Motorcyclist nearly knocked off his bike during road rage assault

A Florida man's helmet camera was rolling Monday during a confrontation with an angry driver during his morning commute to work.

RideApart defends lane splitting on motorcycles [w/poll]

Three devoted motorcyclists at RideApart have put together a video that goes soup-to-nuts through the practice of lane splitting (called "filtering" in the UK) – where motorcycles are ridden safely in between the cars in traffic. It's illegal in 49 states, California being the exception, and in numerous countries.

Texas State Senator John Carona considers legalizing lane splitting

Texas State Senator John Carona has recently introduced Senate Bill 506, which would allow lane splitting in Texas. For those unaware, lane splitting is the practice of riding in between slow moving automotive traffic on a motorcycle. Right now, California is the only state that allows motorcycles to split lanes... legally.

Lane splitting - should it be legal?

There is a nice discussion going on over at AutoblogGreen regarding the act of lane splitting, which is when a motorcycle rides the dotted line in-between lanes. Lane splitting is a common practice in much of Europe, but here in the States it's only legal in California. Golden State law dictates that a motorcycle is only allowed to split lanes when