BYD video claims it has the highest-quality EVs in the world

The Chinese automaker is also building a new plant for buses and 'special-purpose vehicles.'

While most people – at least on this side of the Pacific – probably think of Tesla Motors when someone mentions quality and EVs in the same sentence, BYD wants to make sure people outside of China don't overlook what it's doing in the world of electric vehicles.

In a new video from BYD of Brazil, the Chinese automaker explains why it sees its vehicles as the highest-quality EVs in the world. BYD says its success starts with its dedicated designers and engineers. The video also shows off its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and BYD tests its products extensively for performance, safety and reliability in extreme conditions. The video show us BYD's tests for motors and batteries, hot, cold and wet weather conditions, salt and corrosive compounds, crash tests and simulations, NVH, electromagnetic interference, aerodynamics and lighting as well as specific and general durability tests on the road and in the lab.

BYD says it's the attention to detail that makes the company's EVs so good.

In the end, BYD says it's the attention to detail that makes the company's EVs so good. All these factors mean that the cars perform well in real-life driving, and thorough testing means the cars will continue living up to these rigorous standards down the road. The video above does a good job of conveying BYD's self image, and, you gotta admit, it is entertaining to see those cars and buses going through all sorts of demanding situations.

Regardless of BYD's high opinion of its own products, the company has been on a roll as of late. BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu says that the company expects to nearly triple its EV sales in China in 2016 compared to last year. Following that announcement, BYD launched two new electric sedans for its home market, each with a driving range of over 186 miles on a single charge.

Now, the company has plans to build yet another electric bus factory. The plant, a $614-million investment to be built in Taiyuan in the Chinese province of Shanxi, will have the capacity to produce 5,000 buses a year, plus an additional 5,000 "special-purpose vehicles for construction and other applications," according to the Nikkei. In part because of the higher profit margin of these special vehicles, BYD expects the facility to bring in some $2.3 billion in annual sales.

BYD has no reservations about laying claim to the title of maker of the world's highest-quality EVs. Are you convinced?

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