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Arrival's electric bus revealed in pre-production prototype form

The prototype will run on roads within the next few weeks; U.S. production is due to begin next year

California pushes for 100 percent zero-emission buses by 2040

CARB says it'll be equivalent to taking 4 million cars off the road

CARB says it'll be equivalent to taking 4 million cars off the road.

U.S. transit agencies cautious on electric buses despite bold forecasts

Analysts predict a boom in electric fleets.

Out of more than 65,000 public buses plying U.S. roads today, just 300 are electric.

The IC Bus ChargE electric school bus might be our new favorite

It has a driving range of more than 120 miles.

ChargE was created in partnership with Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

Electric bus maker Proterra benefits from federal grants in 29 cities, Van Hool Belgium deal

Last month, a Proterra bus set a world record, traveling 1,102 miles on a single charge.

Last month, a Proterra bus set a world record, traveling 1,102 miles on a single charge.

Trump climate decision energizes business for Proterra electric bus

Paris decision may have been 'yuge' for e-bus demand

Electric bus maker Proterra secures another $55 million in equity funding, while Trump's Paris decision may have boosted sales.

Blue Bird, Lion Bus have big plans for electric school buses

Lion Bus unveils eLion; BlueBlue Bird will test V2G EV buses by 2019.

DOE funds Blue Bird's electric bus. Quebec and California use cap-and-trade to fund eLion.

Navya Arma Autonomous Shuttle | Autoblog Minute

The Navya Arma is basically a little waiting room on wheels, it's an autonomous shuttle that you get into, sit down, and let it drive you to your destination.

Geneva's new 'flash-charge' electric buses refuel in 15 seconds

Electric-bus route will connect Geneva's airport to the suburbs.

At 600 kW, these electric bus charging stations are six times better than Tesla's 100-kW Superchargers.

Proterra releases fast-charging EV patents to the wild

CEO says openess helps the entire electric vehicle industry, especially buses.

Electric bus maker Proterra is opening up three of its bast-charging technology patents so that anyone making heavy-duty EVs can add overhead chargers.

Driverless Bus Ready For Public Roads | Autoblog Minute

Olli is a self-driving all-electric shuttle bus coming to a city near you. Local Motors' Olli made it’s debut in National Harbor, Maryland on June 16, 2016.

BYD video claims it has the highest-quality EVs in the world

The Chinese automaker is also building a new plant for buses and 'special-purpose vehicles.'

As BYD expands its manufacturing capacity, it wants to show us why its EVs are so great.

More research shows why EVs are awesome

Studies show that electric buses are more profitable, and that saving fuel saves the planet.

Electric buses are 82 percent more profitable than diesel, and switching to an EV is your best bet to make an environmental impact.

Brighsun launches electric bus in Australia, goes on 600-mile drive [w/video]

Melbourne To Sydney In A Single Bound, Touts The Startup

Brighsun demonstrates an electric bus capable of traveling 1000 kilometers (621 miles) as it seeks funds from Victoria government to put some folks back to work.

BYD wireless charging electric buses could come to Washington

Company Says It Has Made More Than 5,000 Electric Buses

China-based bus maker wins 10 out of the state's 12 categories for plug-in bus service.

Proterra Catalyst XR electric bus goes 258 miles per charge

TCO Is Lower, Too

On a test track in South Carolina, Proterra pushes its Catalyst XR Electric Bus to 258 miles using 'just' 257 kWh of batteries.

San Antonio mulling $80M electric trolley fleet

San Antonio might mix the modern with the classic through an $80-million project to have as many as 80 electric trolleys with classic styling servicing the city. The company making them claims up to a 140-mile range for the vehicles.

Commercial EV sales will climb to 800,000 by 2023

Ten-Fold Growth Predicted Over Next Decade

The annual global sales of medium- and heavy-duty commercial EVs are predicted to increase by ten times between 2014 and 2023 and reach a total of over 800,000 in that time.

Proterra's new electric bus can go 180 miles between charges

Extended-Range Battery Setup Carries 321 Kilowatt-Hours

Proterra will sell an extended-range electric bus that can go as far as 180 miles on a single charge.

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