Faraday Future's next electric vehicle, a first sneak peek

Looks like the secretive FF is ready to tease us a little bit.

So far, the only vehicle that Faraday Future has shown to the public is the outlandish FFZERO1 concept car that debuted at CES in January. But, we know that the company plans to build and sell a more reasonable-looking plug-in model to the masses. We've seen neither hide nor hair of this upcoming electric car (well, except for a silhouette here), but the company's booth at the Formula E race in Long Beach, California this weekend – where it is a sponsor - gives us something of a preview. We think.

As you can see in the picture above, the outline of the vehicle reveals something of a beast. We see hints of the BMW X6 or the Honda Crosstour, which we know we're not the best-received vehicle designs of the past few years, in the overall shape. There's a spiky antenna (?) towards the back and it looks like the battery pack will be buried in the floor. Of course, there are plenty of details missing here, but this appears to be the design direction that Faraday Future is headed in for its upcoming EV. What do you think?

At the unveiling of the FFZERO1 in Las Vegas in January, Faraday said that design for its first car was done that that tests were taking place in the US. And remember, the first car is not be the FFZERO1. That crazy thing was a "hello world" concept based on a sketch by Richard Kim, FF's head of design. Instead, the real car is the vehicle that you can see outlined in the image above. When will we see more?

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