Man leads police on high speed chase, blames recent marriage

A Nashville newlywed got the most ill-timed case of cold feet ever and landed himself in jail. In the early hours of March 8, a Mt. Juliet, TN police officer spotted a 2006 Chevy Equinox with "Just Married" written on the windows driving erratically on the freeway. When the officer approached, the driver of the Equinox allegedly swerved to hit the officer's patrol car and then accelerated away. The Mt. Juliet Police Department officer pursued, which triggered a 20-mile slapstick car chase through suburban Nashville.

Dashcam video acquired by WTSP 10 shows the Equinox driver weaving through traffic, crashing into barriers and guardrails, and leaving a trail of paper streamers and car parts behind him. Occasionally the driver made obscene gestures at his pursuers out of his open window. At one point he tried to mislead pursuing officers by turning on his right turn signal but turning left which, while clever, was ultimately futile. Eventually, the driver voluntarily exited the freeway and pulled into a hotel parking lot to wait for law enforcement. He was arrested at the scene and identified as Michael Smith of Nashville.

"He made statements to the officers that he had 'just got married and was trying to process everything' and 'just had a life crisis and a lot on his mind,'" said MJPD Lieutenant Tyler Chandler. Smith was charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving, none of which bodes well for his honeymoon plans.

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