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Want a Morgan? Your options at present are rather limited in the United States, where you can either get a new 3 Wheeler or try to get your hands on a used model. That could change soon. "A new law potentially allows for some 4-wheeled models to soon be imported to the USA, after a decade long absence," reads a statement on the Morgan website.

A few months ago, Congress passed the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. The legislation included new provisions that would allow kit car manufacturers to begin selling complete, turn-key automobiles based on old designs. The regulations looked at first principally to benefit replicar manufacturers like Superformance and Factory Five, but could now be applied to certain Morgan models as well.

The company currently divides its model range into three lines: the 3 Wheeler (which we get here), the Aero 8 (which was sold here until its exemption expired in 2008), and the Classic models (which were last sold here over a decade ago). The latter family is made up of Morgan's most timeless models, including the 4/4 (pictured), Plus 4, Plus 8, and Roadster. These models are still built around a wooden frame. The 4/4 has been in continuous production now for 80 years. Because the design is so old, it fits into that same new category as the Cobras, Daytonas, and GT40s produced by Superformance and Factory Five.

We wouldn't go clearing a space in the driveway just yet. The new regulations take may not take effect until the end of the year, as the NHTSA and EPA were given 12 months to enact the rules after the bill was passed in December.

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