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First Drive
2020 Morgan Plus 4 First Drive Review | Out of time

Driving Morgan's ageless fun machine before its clock finally runs out

Why the $77,708 Morgan AR Plus 4 is worth every penny

Has any Morgan ever screamed as hard as this?

Find yourself a piece of open road, push the revs to about 5,500 and you'll be slightly horrified at just how fast this little car will go.

Replica law paves way for Morgan's return to America

The same new regulations enacted under the FAST Act that will allow the likes of Superformance and Factory Five to sell turn-key replicars could also pave the way for Morgan to bring its classic models back to America.

Morgan celebrates 65 years of Plus 4 with 225-hp, Cosworth-tuned AR P4

Morgan is celebrating 65 years of the venerable Plus 4 with the highly tuned AR P4 that includes a 225-horsepower, Cosworth-tuned engine.

2014 Morgan Plus 4 is slightly less behind the times... but no less charming

While its lightweight roadsters can give both driver and passenger the sensation of speed with the wind rushing through their hair, things at the Morgan Motor Company tend to move rather slowly. The company has been around for over a hundred years, and still produces most of its models the way it always has. So when it announces even the most minor revisions

Morgan readying updated Plus 4 for Geneva

Porsche is often mocked for only slightly evolving the look of the 911 over its 50 years of history, but compared to the cars from the Morgan Motor Company, the Germans look like constant innovators. For the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan plans to bring the most powerful version of its Plus