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Morgan shelves the V8 engine in favor of something new

300th Plus 8 is the final V8 Morgan, and we get a hint of what's next

300th Plus 8 is the final V8 Morgan, and we get a hint of what's next.

Quick Spin
Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition Quick Spin Review | Hello, goodbye

A popular model is being phased out as new ones come in

A Plus 8 is never going to be on terms with a modern sports saloon on switchback roads. For its type, the chassis is dependable and grippy, but if you overdrive the Plus 8, that flies-in-your-teeth, pioneer-motorist delight can rapidly morph into a feeling that you're a passenger in a runaway caboose.

Morgan celebrates 50 years of the Plus 8 with special edition model

The 50 examples will be the last with the BMW V8

Two versions in two different colors will be available.

Replica law paves way for Morgan's return to America

The same new regulations enacted under the FAST Act that will allow the likes of Superformance and Factory Five to sell turn-key replicars could also pave the way for Morgan to bring its classic models back to America.

Xcar drives Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

Xcar celebrates Morgan with a ride in the company's latest, limited-edition Plus 8 Speedster that mixes vintage looks with modern underpinnings.

Morgan announces Plus 8 Speedster

The Morgan Motor Company is the consummate automotive industry survivor. While a name like Triumph is fading, Morgan is still is in business building a relatively small number of sports cars annually. This year is a big milestone for the company. Its Pickersleigh Road factory in England has been building cars for the last 100 years. To celebrate the centenary, Morgan is launching the new Plus 8

Leno drives a V8-powered Morgan Plus 8 hot rod

We love Morgan for its quintessentially British approach to motoring charm, and while the automaker has recently ventured into more modern machinery with the launch and development of its Aero line, it's the classic Plus 8 and Roadster that have stood the test of time, having first been released back in 1968.

Morgan 3 Wheeler and driving fun, with Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan has a pretty great job. The scion of Morgan's founder, and current managing director of the company clearly enjoys himself while driving the fruits of his enterprise. In another brief interview with Mr. Morgan, we get to hear and see a the tantalizing 3 Wheeler and Plus 8 on the road, overlaid with the man

Auto Express pits Porsche 911 against... Morgan Plus 8?

This isn't the first time we're writing about an answer to a question that no one asked. In this case it's Auto Express with the query "What happens when you compare the 2013 Porsche 911 and a Morgan Plus 8 around the UK's tight, technical Anglesey track?"

Morgan reveals new Plus 8

A handful of Morgan owners recently received word that the automaker is releasing a new version of the its Plus 8 ahead of next year's Geneva Motor Show. The refreshed Plus 8 will feature wheels borrowed from the Series IV Aero 8 along with air conditioning as standard equipment. Those who prefer to leave cog swopping to hydraulics will enjoy an available automatic transmission. Otherwi