Local TV ads are a staple for pro athletes. It's an easy way to get a paycheck and shows involvement with the community. These ads are usually boring and occasionally bad. Then there's this one for World Car Nissan in San Antonio, Texas starring Spurs center Boban Marjanovic and guard/forward (and three point ace) Danny Green. Boban extolls the virtues of the sound system in the Nissan Armada, only to be brushed off by Spurs legend Sean Elliott (perhaps unintentionally) with a dismissive "Okay Boban."

To be clear, we're on Boban's side here. He's doing his job selling the viewer on that stereo and Elliott is all like, whatever. But man, it's great. What if someone hit you back with "Okay Boban," every time you were excited about a car? If it were us, we'd laugh out asses off. We can't stop watching.

"But the Bugatti Chiron has 1,500 horsepower!"
"Okay Boban."

"The new Porsche 911 R GT3 Clubsport Turbo just lapped the Nurburgring in 5 minutes!"
"Okay Boban."

Seriously, let's make this a thing. Just to make it easier, we've got a handy meme ready to go. Enjoy.
okay boban

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