RS 01 Interceptor is a Nissan GT-R powered police concept

This wild-looking thing is a Renault Sport RS 01 that's been set up as a highway patrol pursuit vehicle, complete with black and white livery, neon yellow stripes, strobe lights... the works. It even has an LED sign on the back to indicate to drivers (or riders) to pull over once overtaken. And you can just about count that as an inevitability, considering what the RS 01 has under the hood.

The French automaker's purpose-built racer packs the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 from a Nissan GT-R bolted to the back of a carbon-fiber tub, with enough downforce to keep it (theoretically) planted to the roof of a tunnel at speed. At the wheel in the video above is pro driver Jean Ragnotti, the former Monte Carlo and Corsica rally winner.

The RS 01 is so fast, in fact, that it had to be detuned to race against anything else under GT3 regulations. In short, it'd be sure to challenge even Bugatti as one of the fastest French vehicles ever to hit the autoroute. Lead-footed drivers in France needn't worry too much, though, because the RS 01 Interceptor appears to be purely for publicity, so you can expect the Gendarmes to keep putting around in their usual Méganes and Peugeots.

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