The 911 Turbo held a special place in Porsche's lineup for decades. Much of the mystique came from its performance potential, but that huge capability also required a deft hand and foot to keep things in check. These days even the most basic 911 packs turbos, but Grant Karnes and his 1979 Porsche 930 demonstrate why the early models remain classics in the latest video from Petrolicious.

Karnes says he gets attention from everyone he passes in his 930, and it's easy to understand why. Even before the coupe comes into view, the upgraded, turbocharged engine pops and crackles with a wonderfully raw sound. People then see the Porsche's classic combination of wide fenders and a big rear spoiler. Karnes also adds a vintage racing vibe with Martini decals on the hood and doors, and his license plate tells folks exactly what kind of machine this is. Plus, if you happen to spot this car at night, the exhaust can shoot bursts of flames.

Porsches are a fairly common subject in Petrolicious' videos, and they run the gamut from well-worn classics to heavily modded canyon carvers. Karnes' 930 leans more in the latter direction but still maintains a vintage look. He promises the coupe is always exciting to drive, and this clip does a fantastic job of showing why.

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