Petrolicious finds a Porsche 356 that thrives on dirt roads

Matt Hummel is absolutely not the typical vintage Porsche owner. Instead, his mantra is simple: "Get it running!" In the latest video from Petrolicious, hop behind the wheel of a well-loved 1956 Porsche 356 for a blast over some rutted dirt and gravel roads with a fascinating owner.

When he found it, Hummel's 356 had been sitting in a barn since the late '70s, and it looked extremely rough. Despite the beat condition, he eventually decided not to just let the coupe sit anymore and used some parts that he had to get it running again. Now, the Porsche with its flaking paint and ripped interior is Hummel's favorite companion for getting lost on rural roads.

While Hummel's story is fascinating, Petrolicious does a superb job on the cinematography, too. This 356 lives in some picturesque surroundings, and the video captures that scenery beautifully.

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