Petrolicious always does a superb job of showcasing fantastic vehicles and their owners. While some of its videos might go a little too far into the personal stories rather than putting the cars on the road for some people's tastes, this latest one is an absolute feast for the senses. The vehicle featured is called "The Growler," and this Porsche 911 hot rod assaults its driver with a wall of sound. The coupe maintains only the tiniest amount of on-road civility to still be regularly usable.

Boasting a roll cage and a set of racing buckets inside, The Growler certainly looks all business. An engine tune, suspension upgrade, and 400 pounds of removed weight are enough to turn this 964-chassis 911 into something really sublime behind the wheel, too. As the first air-cooled car for owner Alex Bermudez, he's definitely starting near the top.

Filmed on some misty canyon roads, the white coupe roars around sounding more like a racecar than anything road legal, and Petrolicious perfectly captures the this Porsche as it's flung around the narrow path. You can see the rear end just begin to step out before Bermudez catches it. Inside, each shift looks like the movement of a rifle bolt to shoot the car forward. Listening to the engine build revs might be the best thing you hear today, so stop what you're doing and take a listen.

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