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2017 Chrysler Town & Country shows its 200-inspired face

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Chrysler's new Town & Country is expected to debut in the next several months, featuring a new plug-in hybrid powertrain on top of a new look. While we're still short on details about the new propulsion system, a new round of spy photos is giving us a great look at the T&C's modernized aesthetic.

In short, think of a puffed up, ultra-versatile Chrysler 200, and you'll have an idea of what the new Town & Country will look like. Spied on what we're guessing is Fiat Chrysler's US headquarters – seeing body shells like this just hanging around the Auburn Hills, MI campus isn't strange, although this does seem like an especially haphazard case – the new van's look is far less upright than the current model. In general, this new vehicle should be sleeker and, dare we say, more compact than the current Town & Country.

Alongside the all-wheel-drive plug-in model, our spies report the new T&C will be offered with a 3.2-liter V6, which we're betting was pilfered from the Cherokee, the only other FCA model to use the smaller version of the Pentastar. It's unclear if all-wheel drive will be featured on the ICE-only model. Beyond the class-exclusive PHEV powertrain, our spies report the new van will combat the Honda Odyssey's nifty, built-in vacuum cleaner with a unit of its own. Other innovations will include hands-free side doors – we're guessing these would be some version of the increasingly popular smart tailgates, which simply require a kick of the foot to open.

Of course, we'll know all about the new Town & Country early next year, with its expected debut slated for the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

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