Does Hot Wheels make a better Tesla Model S?

Hot Wheels Version Is Pimped, Matchbox Is Stock

Growing up a gear head, you were either a Matchbox guy (purist) or Hot Wheels aficionado (showoff). Ahem. Not like this reporter will reveal which he preferred as a kid.

Either way, Mattel appears to have done all future gear heads the service of releasing miniature versions of the Tesla Model S electric vehicle both under Hot Wheels and Matchbox guises. The Lamley Group and Gas2 have both published early pictures of both versions. No word on how far either one of them can go on a single electric charge, but we suspect the lack of a battery pack will impact this number.

For the Matchbox, that means stock wheels, red paint, proper dimensions on all body panels and windows. Pretty much your standard, stylish super-electric sedan ready to be rolled across bedroom floors and stepped on by pained parents everywhere. For Hot Wheels, we're talking large rear spoilers, flared wheel wells and a silver glittery paint job. Consider that ride pimped for the mini-me set.

For the uninitiated, both mini car versions are die-cast toys that are made in what's traditionally one-64th the size of the actual version. Matchbox cars were first produced in 1953, while Hot Wheels entered the scene in 1968. Mattel bought Matchbox parent Tyco Toys in 1997.

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