Ever since Mazda revived its Wankel rotary program in 2004 with the RX-8, the internet rumormill has constantly been abuzz with reports of a proper two-door RX-7 variant. The latest such rumor comes by way of Japanese magazine Best Car (via JDM-centric website 7Tune.com), which indicates the new sportscar has a 55% chance of making an appearance at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in October.

We understand that Mazda's continual development of its rotary engine technology is likely to bring a displacement boost from 1.3- to 1.6-liters for the next RX model – whatever and whenever that may be – along with the seemingly contradictory qualities of more power, cleaner emissions and lower fuel consumption.

Naturally, Best Car provides a rendering of the supposed RX-7 to go along with the speculation of an October debut. Drawing inspiration from the expressive styling language from Mazda's recent concept cars along with a hearty dose of the happy-go-lucky expression of the current Mazda3. We'll see if there's any truth to this report in, oh, about three months.

[Source: 7Tune.com | Image: Best Car]

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