The rumormill just can't stop churning out stories of an impending Mazda RX-7 revival. We've been hearing that we should expect the rotary-powered sports car any day now... for the last few years. It's still yet to show its smiling face. Still, here we are with another report indicating that the next RX-7 is just around the corner, this time as a 2011 or 2012 model.
Inside Line reports that the birth of the two-seat Mazda RX-7 will mean the death of the current four-door, four-seat RX-8 that's been in circulation since 2004. Furthermore, the gang in Santa Monica says that next-gen rotary sportscar may not up the performance ante of either the last twin-turbo RX-7 or even the current RX-8's 1.3-liter 232-horsepower Renesis engine. This, despite earlier rumors that the latest 1.6-liter 16X powerplant was kicking out as much as 350 horses while still achieving superior fuel economy over its forebears.

Mazda could instead return to the ethos of the first RX-7 from 1979, fielding a lightweight two-seater powered by a new version of the Wankel producing somewhere between 200 and 250 horsepower. If true, we can expect the next RX-7 to cost somewhere around $25,000 and be positioned against cars like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the upcoming RWD Toyota/Subaru.

[Source: Inside Line]

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