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Cars will be EVs, trucks will run on natural gas

Cars will be EVs, trucks will run on natural gas.


U.S. LNG exports were worth $3.3 billion in 2017

U.S. LNG exports were worth $3.3 billion in 2017.


State pays an additional $2,500 for up to 2,000 EVs — Teslas not allowed

It's an additional $2,500 for up to 2,000 EVs.


If it's diesel, from a bus to a ferryboat, in many states the money's meant to get rid of it

"What this [VW settlement] can do is make it easier for more transit agencies to try more electric buses on a greater number of routes, and become familiar with them and see that they really work for them."


Russian President Vladimir Putin is not against buying a Tesla.


"We are racing against the clock. It's not enough."

"We are racing against the clock. It's not enough."


Wastewater plant will turn methane into CNG fuel for use in converted city vehicles.

Making the most of decomposing sewage will reduce carbon emissions and earn revenue for the city.


LG Chem officially announces Poland battery plant; FCA, Iveco focus on CNG.

This pedelec could be your first BMW. LG Chem's Poland plant to cost $340 million. Renault-Nissan to shuttle COP22 delegates in EVs. FCA, Iveco, and Snam to boost CNG in Italy.


Nissan gifts young environmentalist with Nissan Leaf; VW recalls CNG cars in EU.

Nissan gives viral video subject a Nissan Leaf. Lazard made a mistake when it calculated Solarcity's value. VW is recalling 30,000 CNG cars. Qiantu plans to sell the K50 in the US.

An all-electric UTC called the Nikola Zero is also in the works.

Nikola Motors debuted today with a lot of promises about two new plug in vehicles, the Nikola One semi-truck and the Nikola Zero UTV.


US oil exports down since ban lifted; autonomous car development thrives on campus.

Autonomous cars thrive on campus. US oil exports are down since the ban lifted. Tesla ships cars with natural gas. The Toyota Mirai sells in Norway and Sweden this summer.


Audi hosts Autonomous Driving Cup; European EV bus makers standardize charging.

New alloys make cars cleaner. ABI predicts 203 million OTA-enabled cars by 2022. Bus charging gets standardized in Europe. Audi hosts 2nd Autonomous Driving Cup. Rolls-Royce powers LNG fish food ship.


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid battery engineered, built in Michigan by LG Chem

Take a virtual reality tour of the Tesla Model X. LG Chem's battery for Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is engineered and built in Michigan. VW debuts CNG-powered Caddy with DSG.


DOE Funds Hydrogen And Fuel Cell Advancement

Chevrolet begins delivery of its CNG-capable Impala. The DOE is funding $35 million in hydrogen and fuel cell projects. A Volkswagen e-Up! catches fire after a collision with a train in Norway.


Company Touts Lower CO2, Methane Emissions

Propane conversion company and distributor seeks approval from California Air Resources Board.

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USDA Guarantees Loan For Georgia Biorefinery; GM Uses Wind Power In TX

Ford offers a gaseous fuel upgrade for the 2016 F-150. USDA commits to a $70 million loan for a Georgia biorefinery. GM to build trucks in Texas using wind power. An electric tuk tuk drives from Bangkok to Paris.


Provisions in House and Senate transportation bills would benefit CNG-powered vehicles. It isn't clear which, if any, of them will make it to the final legislation.


Currnet BMW i3 Owners Excluded From Free Use Of New eVgo Fast Chargers

Tesla puts forth security principles for the "Internet of Cars." Some BMW i3 owners are upset about certain eVgo DC charger rollout details. Toyota introduces its first CNG car hauler.


Blue Bird Unveils New CNG School Bus

Tesla Model X customers question how fast they'll be able to charge. EVs in China's cities often shift pollution to poorer communities. Blue Bird unveils a new CNG-fueled Type C school bus.


Vanderbilt Improves Batteries With Quantum Dots; Ryder Uses Biomethane

Here's what happened at the 2015 World Solar Challenge. Iron pyrite nanoparticles improve battery performance. The army will test a fuel cell vehicle from GM. Two Ryder stations are switching to biomethane.

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