Project Overlord is like LoJack for your car's wheels

Shrinking GPS units and communication technology make it relatively easy to track your phone, computer or car if they're stolen, but a new service called Project Overlord might extend the same ability specifically to your vehicle's wheels in the future.

An IndieGoGo campaign for the patent-pending product begins on January 21 to build funding, and the video explaining the system is already online. With input from former Nokia employees, Project Overlord reportedly works on any practically vehicle, including passenger cars, bicycles and even farm equipment, and the actual device is somehow "attached to the tire," according to the company's website.

When the system detects the vehicle being lifted or tampered with, Project Overlord activates in three ways. First, GPS starts tracking the wheels; second, an audible warning sounds to scare the thief. Finally, the police are also alerted. The whole thing is armed and monitored from the user's smartphone, and a year of coverage for the service is listed at $65. However, there's no mention of the device's cost itself, currently.

Autoblog has reached out to learn more about the specifics of Project Overlord. We'll update this story, if we learn more. In the meantime, check out the video explaining how things work, above.

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