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Government documents reveal Dyson is making an electric car

The company is getting a bit of help from the UK government.

In a now-retracted government document, we learn that Dyson is getting UK government money to 'develop a new battery electric vehicle.'

Project Overlord is like LoJack for your car's wheels

Project Overlord promises to bring tracking software specifically to your vehicle's wheels, whether they're on a passenger car, bicycle or practically anything else, with a new, patent-pending device and smartphone app. When the wheels are tampered with, the system starts tracking them, sounds a loud tone and alerts the police. The company begins an IndieGoGo campaign on January 21 to fund the product.

Wiesmann still hoping for savior

The saga of Wiesmann dates back to the late 1980s when a pair of German brothers set out to make retro sports cars. The first model was built in 1993 and a steady stream of new coupes and convertibles powered by a variety of BMW engines trickled out of the factory ever since until the company ran into trouble a little ov

Connecticut will fund $200,000 in public charging station incentives

We're feeling warm and fuzzy about the Nutmeg State after Connecticut leaders said it would earmark $200,000 for the purpose of getting more businesses to install electric-vehicle charging stations. The Connecticut Departments of Energy and Environmental Protection are behind the initiative, which is part of Governor Dannel Malloy's broader energy strategy. State leaders and the Department of Energy's eGallon rating say that recharging an EV i

GM lobbies against Michigan proposal for EV road tax

General Motors has no issues with the idea of better roads for Michigan, but when it comes to a special plug-in vehicle tax enacted to help pay for those repairs, the automaker is crying foul, Automotive News says.

Tesla gets $10 million from California for Model X production

The Golden State is providing some green for the Tesla Model X.

Fisker raises another $100 million in private funding for Karma production, marketing

The optimist would say "a hundred million down." The pessimist would add, "...and about 235 million to go."

Better Place gets $50 million loan from European Investment Bank

Things just got a little better for Better Place.

Feds will invest $4 million to help develop wireless EV chargers

Think of it as a way to boost plug-in vehicle adoption by removing the "plug-in" part.

Fisker reportedly seeks $100 million in funding by end of the month

Looks like Fisker Automotive's looking for its own range-extender.

Boston-Power secures $125 million in funds, will move most operations to China

China-based GSR Ventures led a $125-million investment round for Massachusetts firm Boston-Power, a startup that designs and manufacturers application-specific lithium-ion batteries, mainly for automotive applications. To date, Boston-Power has raised some $320 million since its founding in 2005. Boston-Power says it now plans to Eric Loveday

Republicans want to halve advanced technology loans, Chrysler's bid for funds in jeopardy

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives reportedly want to cut in half the balance of a U.S. government fund, the Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program, that was set aside to help the automotive industry develop more fuel efficient vehicles.

Funding secured for next generation of Aston Martins to launch by 2016

Few platforms have served as well as Aston Martin's VH architecture. The flexible platform has underpinned everything the automaker has produced (save the bespoke One-77) since 2003, but it's growing a little long in the tooth. Little wonder, then, that Aston is pursuing a new platform, and the company has now confirmed it has obtained the funding to get there.

EDTA to Congress: don't steal AVTM money to fund FEMA

On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY12 Homeland Security Appropriations bill (pdf). As part of this bill, the Committee pushed through an amendment that adds $1 billion in funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) disaster relief fund.

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