When a car's built on such a technology-heavy platform like the one used by Tesla Motors, there are going to be a lot of bells and whistles. More of those little "noisemakers" are being rolled out, as previewed by a new software update. What's most interesting to anyone paying close attention to the slow evolution of the Model S is that the new features are not going to be possible without new components.

Tesla Model S sedans will likely need a new camera mounted on the front mirror, but it's not for selfies. Instead, it's there to keep the driver from having too much of a lead foot or straying into another lane thanks to the electric vehicle's software and hardware update that adds Lane Departure Warning and Speed Assist. Other luxury vehicles have long had lane departure warnings, but if you're unfamiliar with the idea, it's when the car emits a vibration through the steering wheel to let the driver know to straighten out if one of the wheels crosses a lane divider.

Speed Assist lets the car use a combination of new camera and GPS system to record a particular road's speed limit. At that point, there are a number of signals, including a gray line on the speedometer or an audible chime, to warn the driver that he or she is running the risk of attracting the attention of a Smokey (for you Burt Reynolds fans) and a possible speeding ticket.

Tesla has released an official statement that says:

Starting recently, some Model S being delivered in North America come equipped with two new features. The features are lane drift detection, which will deliver a warning via vibration in the steering wheel if the driver starts to drift from the lane without signaling, and speed limit display, which will inform the driver of the speed limit and alert them when it is exceeded. These features are necessary to meet the latest standards in the European market, but we have decided to integrate them into Model S delivered worldwide.

Whether these features will be an option or included standard is not yet known, but Tesla has said that it is not possible to retrofit the new tech into existing vehicles. The new technology is also vital to make autonomous driving possible.

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Tesla Model S

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