Huet Brothers working on new Miata-based retro coupe

2014 Huet Brothers HB Coupe
2014 Huet Brothers HB Coupe
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Does the name Huet ring a bell? The Dutch brothers started out doing classic car tours in Europe before they started designed and building their own retro sports cars. The first was called the Huet Brothers Special. It was based on an old Triumph TR6 and surfaced back in 2009. But a few years later they started showing designs for a new coupe that called for a straight-six engine under a long bonnet with a fastback roofline, and started taking orders. Over the past two and a half years we didn't see anything materialize out of the Huet Brothers' plans, but word out of the Netherlands has it that the design is back on the table.

According to the Autovisie section of Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Tino and Paul Huet were planning on building their coupe on the base of the MX-5 Miata. But now that Mazda is preparing to launch an all-new model, the Huets have decided to wait until next year and build their dream car on the new Skyactiv roadster chassis.

Rather than trying to shoehorn in a bigger engine (or the subsequent diesel model that was set to follow), the Huets are reportedly prepared to stick with Mazda's four-pot, offering it in stock form and various states of upgraded tune.

That would make the HB Coupe the third model – alongside Mazda's own and whatever Fiat decides to do with its end of the bargain – to use the same underpinnings. That is, assuming the Huet Brothers can get the orders it needs to restart development production. So far they say they've got 21 orders on the books, but need 40 to get started.

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