Renault Twizy silently sneaks into university library

"If you've never heard of the Renault Twizy, that's because it's silent." That's the tagline for a new video of a promotional stunt by the French automaker that sent the funky looking EV driving into a university library to show off how quiet it is. Get it? You aren't supposed to talk in a bibliothèque but you can drive an EV there.

The video is part of Renault's efforts to introduce the Twizy to 18,000 students at 16 Portuguese universities, letting them know that the all-electric quadricycle can be driven without a license (if you get behind the wheel of the version limited to a 45 kilometer per hour top speed, anyway).

Renault seems to like using the Twizy as a stunt device. The car has been plugged into the Eiffel Tower, been covered in macarons and been drifted. This new library thing , which was shot at the faculty of science in Lisbon, isn't the first time we've seen a small car drive into a building (Top Gear's office visit in a Peel P50 is one memorable early offender), but we still appreciate the idea. Check out Renault's video below.

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