By all accounts, the Renault Twizy is a surprisingly entertaining vehicle to drive. With its very low center of gravity, firm suspension and wheels at the extreme corners, it can whip around turns with extraordinary confidence. What happens though, if all its grip goes away? Will it drift?

That's the question Autocar asks and answers in a new short-and-sweet video. (Yes, some automotive enthusiast publications prefer to endow electric vehicles with more grip, others like to take it away.) With a mere 17 horsepower on tap, the 2-seat city car/scooter thingamajig isn't able spin its tires into a smoking frenzy on dry tarmac. Throw adequate amounts of water down however, and the equation changes.

Spoiler alert: Due to a nicely balanced chassis and rear wheel drive, the Twiz can whiz sideways in a nice, controllable manner. Of course, this attribute won't be a direct benefit to many, but still, for those brave souls with a down parka (the Twizy doesn't have side windows) and a sense of adventure, this sort of knowledge might come in handy in the winter.

Scroll on down for a bit of entertaining episode of "will it drift?" from Autocar. As a bonus, we've also thrown in their 'straight" review. Extra special double bonus? Fully Charged's Twizy video review.

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