Security camera captures National Corvette Museum sinkhole as it forms [UPDATE]

New Videos Also Survey Destruction With R/C Helicopter

If you've been with us all day, you know that the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY was struck by a sinkhole early this morning. The sinkhole, which formed under the museum's well-known Skydome, swallowed up eight cars on display and caused untold dollars in damage. We've shown you the early photos, we've shown you streaming webcam footage and still photos of workers moving other Corvette display cars out of harms way, and now we have security camera footage showing the actual moment when the cavity appeared.

In the dimly lit video below, we see the floor buckle slightly under a row of Corvettes, chiefly under orange and blue examples, with some dust kicking up as a result. The floor appears to hold for a few moments before giving way, swallowing up a pair of cars and revealing the 40-foot sinkhole. Interestingly, subsequently released images of the sinkhole show a wider area of flooring having collapsed than what's on view in this official video, so it appears to end prematurely. Either way, take a look at the literal fallout in our video below, and we'll keep you informed as this story continues to develop.

UPDATE: The National Corvette Museum has just released a few more videos, some taken from a remote-control helicopter, showing the cars that crashed into the sinkhole. Check them out, along with the earlier security cam footage, below.

UPDATE: We've also been in contact with a spokesperson for the NCM, and have learned that all of the cars in the Skydome that were not swallowed by the sinkhole have been evacuated, with two exceptions. Authorities are presently trying to figure out how to safely extract them. We have new pictures of the damage and the remaining cars in our gallery below.

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