Say hello to the first US-legal 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Even before the 2015 Nissan GT-R and GT-R Nismo arrive to rewrite the handbook on Nissan's halo car, here we have the first 1989 R32 GT-R - the 276-horsepower coupe that started it all - to be officially and legally imported under the 25-year exemption. We don't have any information on it beyond the fact that it's here and it's legal, since the blog post at didn't want to swamp its new owner with questions and friend requests.

But we're told the owner's name is Trevor, and by having his DOT HS7 and EPA 3520-1 paperwork ready to go and filled out properly he was able to drive his GT-R across the border from Canada and into the US on the first day of the New Year. We have no idea where he's headed but it probably isn't California, as the Sunshine Golden State has much more stringent regulations than the federal government as to what cars will be allowed on its roads. But now that the naughtiest Nissan has turned 25 and is open for business, we figure we'll be seeing a few more of them in every state. Here's a primer on what it takes if you want to import one of your own.

Nissan GT-R Information

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