Kia K900 flagship to make advertising debut during Super Bowl

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Kia is already solidifying its advertising plans for the 2014 Super Bowl, targeting a 30-second spot for its new, rear-drive K900 sedan during during the biggest football game of the year. The cost for this half-minute of air time? $4 million.

Of course, Kia is no stranger to advertising during the Super Bowl, with the Space Babies and Hot Bot ads of last year and the Mr. Sandman spot in 2012. But the stakes with the K900, which see the Korean brand attempting emulate its corporate cousin/bitter rival Hyundai, by moving into the rear-drive luxury space, are far, far greater. After all, Kia's previous Super Bowl ads were all for models in established segments - the K900 is an entering a realm the brand has never played in before.

The Super Bowl spot will be the first exposure to the K900 for many potential buyers, and considering that the South Korean brand is targeting conquest sales, according to the report from AdAge, it's important that it makes a good showing on such a large stage. As for the theme of the ad, there isn't much speculation from the execs this early in the game, according to AdAge. Looks like we'll be waiting until February to find out.

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