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Watch these Super Bowl car commercials [UPDATE]

Jason Bateman, a Jeep Gladiator, Matt Leinart and a mystery from Toyota

Jason Bateman, a Jeep Gladiator, Matt Leinart and a mystery from Toyota.

Join Autoblog editors for a full video tour of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

We check out the Supra, GT500 and answer your questions

We check out the Supra, Explorer, GT500 and more.

2019 Detroit Auto Show Special | Autoblog Podcast #568

Supra, GT500, Explorer, STI S209 and much more from Cobo Center

Toyota Supra, Shelby GT500, Ford Explorer, Subaru STI S209 and much more from Cobo Center.

Go fetch yourself: Hyundai Le Fil Rouge shows off self-parking and wireless charging

Kia and Hyundai could use it on Level 4 autonomous vehicles

Kia and Hyundai could use it on Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

Kia chasing dinero using Robert De Niro to sell e-Niro

Kia is going full meme

Kia is going full meme.

Driver unaware SUV is in flames going down the highway

Another motorist waves her over just in time

NBC Nightly News recently carried the above segment on a video showing a 2012 Kia Sorento spewing flames as its driver travels at highway speed on Interstate 4 in Orlando. Another motorist, Meredith Olinger, drives alongside, shooting the video while trying to warn the driver to pull over. She does, just in time. Seconds later, the Kia is cooked.

8 fastest depreciating cars in America

Surprise! One of them is a Toyota

To save you from the hurt of a quickly depreciating new car, we collected 8 of the fastest depreciating cars in America. And here's a surprise, one of them is a Toyota. Learn more at Autoblog.com

8 car technologies designed to keep you safe

Technologies are always advancing forward, especially in your vehicle. As more safety technologies are being introduced into the market, it can be hard to keep track of everything. So here are 8 technologies designed to keep you safe on the road. Want more coverage? Head over to http://bit.ly/2CcOngW

Best new cars for $15,000

We'll show you five new cars at a price almost anyone can afford.

Finding an affordable car is hard. Finding a good car is harder. But finding a good, affordable car? Well, that's the hardest. Here are five choices.

In the Kia Niro Super Bowl ad, no good deed goes unpunished

Environmental activism is hard, so why not just drive a hybrid?

Kia's Super Bowl ads all seem to put Melissa McCarthy and the Kia Niro in peril

First she was running from something, and now she's stuck on an iceberg.

Kia Stinger GT | Autoblog Minute

Kia debuted the new hatchback grand tourer at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

Kia Niro sets Guinness World Record | Autoblog Minute

The 2017 Kia Niro officially received a Guinness World RecordĀ® title for the lowest fuel consumption driving across the USA from coast to coast (hybrid car).

Kia GT Spied | Autoblog Minute

Four door sport sedan spied in Germany. This looks to be a rear-wheel four door drive performance sedan closely based on the GT concept.

Recharge Wrap-up: Venturi seeks funding for speed record, Kia partners on V2G

Daimler launches Mercedes-Benz Energy for stationary storage.

Venturi launches a Kickstarter campaign to break its EV speed record. Kia partners with UC Irvine on V2G technology. Daimler launches Mercedes-Benz Energy to sell stationary storage globally.

Watch the Kia Soul hamsters take on 'Dueling Banjos'

The bluegrass song gets a modern take meant to sell Souls. Oh, and hamsters.

The Kia Soul hamsters are back, they're plump, and they're turning an old Bluegrass tune into a party anthem.

Motorcyclist lucky to escape with life after 100-mph crash

The rider was running from police at the time of the accident.

A motorcycle rider in San Diego is lucky to be alive after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended when the bike collided with a car at over 100 mph.

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