EPA has $45m for all-of-the-above energy efficiency strategy

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released a list of 38 new projects that will receive a share of $45 million to accelerate research and development of clean vehicle technologies. While John DeCicco, a prominent skeptic of federal funding for green cars, would likely give thumbs down to the DOE grants, a long list of private enterprises, universities and national labs were likely thrilled to hear about it.

While similar to the massive Advanced Vehicle Technology Manufacturing program, this new DOE project fund is a separate project tied into President Obama's recently announced Climate Action Plan. That plan is based on building a 21st century transportation sector that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The administration's overall campaign is tied into saving consumers $1.7 trillion at the pump and eliminating six billion metric tons of carbon pollution. The DOE's announcement of the 38 new projects also cites an alliance between the energy agency and the Department of Army. The Army is contributing $3 million in co-funding to support projects aimed at lightweighting and propulsion materials, batteries, fuels and lubricants.

The funded projects fall into a list of five categories: advanced lightweighting and propulsion materials will receive $10.2 million; advanced batteries $22.5 million; power electronics $8 million; advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems $4 million; and fuels and lubricants $2.5 million. They're all based on making the technology more efficient, durable, lightweight, temperature resilient and cost effective. Recipients include Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Here's a complete list (PDF) of all the 38 projects.

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