Our report on the newly EcoBoosted Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Explorer to the rest of us), had a segment on the need for more space in police vehicles, due to the amount of equipment officers need to carry on a day-to-day basis. Judging by the comments from that post, there are some who question that reasoning.

Now, though, there's further evidence supporting our claim that the police car isn't really a car anymore. Rather, SUVs are becoming the dominant vehicle for police departments around the country, according to a report from The Detroit News. Demand is growing for larger vehicles, with the Explorer PI, which was expected to take 30 percent of Ford's LEO sales, capturing around 70 percent so far this year. That's not a fluke.

The Explorer has outsold the Taurus with the 5-0 this year, while General Motors is planning on a jump in Tahoe year-over-year sales. The police market, which used to be dominated by the Ford Crown Victoria, is now home to three manufacturers, with all three pushing larger offerings that can more easily cope with the daily demands of life as a police vehicle. "It's not a fad. This is where the industry is moving," Ford's fleet brand marketing manager, Jonathan Honeycutt, told The Detroit News.

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