Pro-Tesla Motors petition asks White House for direct-sales permission

In what could be an important step in taking Tesla Motors' fight with various state auto dealer organizations nationwide, a grassroots petition is calling on the White House to let Tesla Motors sell cars directly to customers. The petition was started by a "K.S." in Stow, MA (CNET identifies him as a fan named Ken). The petition says "state legislators are trying to unfairly protect automobile dealers in their states from competition," and that Tesla offers that competition, "which is good for consumers."

While dealer groups in New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts have suffered setbacks in their attempts to stop Tesla, Texas does prohibit the electric vehicle automaker from offering test drives of vehicle deliveries in that state because all new vehicles there need to be sold through a licensed third-party.

So far, over 18,500 people have signed the petition, but the target is 100,000 by July 5 to force the White House to respond. You can read the petition text below and decide whether or not you wish to sign over at the We The People site. If the petition gets attention from the Obama administration, that still doesn't mean Tesla will be in the clear, since dealer organizations have decades of experience influencing local governments. As CNBC says, "For many legislators, the message is clear: protect the local auto dealers, and you protect the economy in your district."
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We petition the Obama Administration to:

allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

States should not be allowed to prevent Tesla Motors from selling cars directly to customers. The state legislators are trying to unfairly protect automobile dealers in their states from competition. Tesla is providing competition, which is good for consumers.

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