What we have here is an urban crossover from Citroën that is the newest member of its well-received DS lineup, and we're told it will soon lead to a production machine with similar styling and intent. We'd love to tell you more, but the quirky French manufacturer hasn't actually revealed many details about the machine.

We do know that the Wild Rubis boasts a full plug-in hybrid drivetrain, but we have no idea what that all includes, what kind of power it produces or, well... anything else, really. Come to think of it, we don't even know if it can move under its own power. It's painted a wild ruby color, hence its name, and we think it's pretty.

If you're hankering for more detail than that, we're afraid you'll have to fly out to Shanghai and corral a few French executives for yourself. Or you could just sit back and stare at our high-res image gallery, live from the show floor, and read through the brief and uninformative press release below. It's up to you, but choose wisely. Oh, did we mention that it's pretty?
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Today sees the unveiling of the DS Wild Rubis concept car, just a few days before the Shanghai Motor Show, where it will go on display, and after a discreet first appearance in France at the Cheval Blanc chateau, one of the most prestigious wine-growing estates in Saint-Emilion, and on the wild and scenic roads of the Tarn region, near the spectacular Millau viaduct, where the car was photographed and filmed.

Wild Rubis is the latest expression of the DS line, joining the DS3, DS4, DS5 and the Numéro 9 concept car. It sublimates the genes of the DS line, with its unique and inimitable style, sparking our imagination and our emotions, with a touch of sophistication and an exceptional finish. The Wild Rubis concept car is the forerunner of the future DS SUV.

This unique and captivating take on the SUV is a subtle combination of power and refinement. A strong and bold statement, this latest chapter in the story of the DS line, is as wild and rebellious, as it is refined and sophisticated. A real jewel with a hypnotic stare. Designed to be driven by the full-hybrid, plug-in technology, the Wild Rubis concept car is packed with technological innovations that will be on show in Shanghai.

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