Ever since Amp switched from converting passenger vehicles to electric power to converting big delivery trucks, the question has been when the E-Truck program will get real. The answer is now, since Amp has announced a new test program with TRC Inc. that will "independently test the vehicle to ensure it can survive the rigors of package delivery in an environment where it is common to keep their vans in service for 20 years or more." Amp says the final pre-production test program should be completed within the next month.

"EVs are gaining traction, but at a slower rate than anticipated."

There's a reason for the change to big trucks, ones with a 19,500 pound gross vehicle weight. Amp founder and CEO Steve Burns told AutoblogGreen that AMP is "focusing only on EVs that have the correct metrics that encourage short terms sales. As you know, most passenger EV companies have only found limited success from a sales point of view. EVs are gaining traction, but at a slower rate than anticipated."

According to Amp, the two main obstacles to the mass adoption of EVs are the price premium and a lack of infrastructure that causes range anxiety. Before designing a 100-kWh battery pack good for 100 miles per charge in the converted trucks, Burns said, "AMP labored to find a segment of the US transportation sector that could overcome the two above obstacles and move to quick adoption. So, we focused on fleets that have defined or predictable routes. If you have a 100-mile range on a charge and a 65-mile route, then range anxiety is eliminated. Similarly, the bigger and less aerodynamic a vehicle is, the worse its gas mileage. And the worse the gas mileage, the quicker the premium for electric could be paid off. So, we looked for big, square fleet vehicles that routinely traveled less than 100 miles a day ... and the classic diesel delivery step van came clearly into focus.

"So, we focused on fleets that have defined or predictable routes."

"We estimate that there are about 100,000 existing diesel step vans on the road today that would be excellent candidates for re-power to our All Electric drive. We have built a bolt-on replacement electric drive that fits most of those step vans and priced at a point that enables the customer to typically pay for the conversion in under 4 years. Most operators of these types of trucks keep their trucks in service for 10 years or more, some 20 years. Our drive system also lines up well with many of the state and city initiatives, such as the ones in CA, NY, Chicago and Baltimore. With incentives, our re-powers can be paid back in less than 2 years!

"So, if these vehicles are the perfect place for the EV revolution to start, why hasn't it happened? Well, the fly in the ointment is that these vehicle have a gross vehicle weight of 19,500 lbs and slice the wind like a brick. If you notice, most EV companies are starting with super slippery small cars, because intuitively that makes sense when energy storage is heavy and expensive and chargers are scarce. So, that was our challenge. After 5 years of development, we believe our Electric Drive system is robust enough to be worthy of the rigors of commercial truck delivery routes and priced at a threshold that enables fleet operates to easily rationalize the purchase." Burns told Plug In Cars Amp could convert up to 1,000 vans in its first year.
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AMP's Medium-Duty, All-Electric Truck Now in Durability Testing
Independent Testing Readies AMP Electric Truck for Production

January 28, 2013 / Cincinnati, Ohio: AMP Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB and OTCQB:AMPD), an innovator in the development of zero-emission, electric drive power trains for the medium duty truck marketplace, has entered the final phase of testing with a large package delivery company for the purpose of re-powering existing step vans from diesel power to an all-electric drive system. After extensive development and initial performance and durability testing, AMP has engaged TRC Inc., a world-class testing facility, to independently test the vehicle to ensure it can survive the rigors of package delivery in an environment where it is common to keep their vans in service for 20 years or more. The final pre-production test program is expected to be completed within the next month.

AMP's all-electric system is unique in that it incorporates a dual-motor system that produces 250 kw and accelerates the 19,500 GVW vehicle faster than the original factory-installed diesel engine does. The system has a total energy storage system of 100kwhr that can push the 1,000 cubic foot vehicle 100 miles on a single charge.

"Vans in this type of duty cycle, and of this size, typically travel routes of about 65 miles. With our AMP electric truck design, concerns about range are eliminated from the equation," said Steve Burns, CEO of AMP. "We believe there are significant financial and environmental benefits as well. Our calculations indicate that our AMP E-Truck offers fuel and maintenance savings of nearly $100,000 per vehicle over a ten-year period. The fuel and maintenance savings are a significant amount of annual costs, when compared to diesel fuel usage and maintenance across a large fleet of medium-duty vehicles."

Martin Rucidlo, AMP president added, "Since AMP E-Trucks are battery-powered, zero-emission vehicles, we're helping improve the environment while we're helping businesses and fleets better their economics. This is a winning solution for everyone."

About AMP Holding Inc.

AMP is a plug-in electric drive motor vehicle manufacturer, founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs who have created several hi-tech companies. The AMP team is comprised of top automotive industry veterans and business executives. AMP is focused on the electrification of fleet vehicles, including medium-duty class 3-6 trucks and vans. The AMP electric truck system has been recognized by many of America's leading fleet engineers as one of the best system solutions available today. Over the past several years, the company's vehicle electrification technology has provided new solutions to America's energy demands. For additional information visit http://www.ampelectricvehicles.com

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