We imagine things get hectic pretty quickly if you happen to take a deep plunge while still in your car. As the water rushes in, things like patience and good sense can rush out, so doing something as reflexive and simple as getting out of your seatbelt can waste time you don't really have. If you're worried about ending up underwater in your car, then you'll want to check out the Escape Belt from Dutch company Fijen.

The round black plastic tube affixed to the seat belt clasp above is the Escape Belt mechanism. It contains a cartridge with a salt pill; when enough water fills the car to dissolve the salt pill – more than a spilled beverage, mind you – a curved metal clip flips out of the top of the unit and depresses the button, unhooking the seatbelt. Voila, freedom.

We're not sure who is really the ideal demographic for this, but if you're interested, it's 29.95 euros ($39 US) and you can watch it at work in the video below. And if your ejection needs are even more intense, Fijen will be happy to sell you an Escape Hammer.

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