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Woman, 81, was trapped in a partially submerged VW Golf for hours

She made a wrong turn and spent the whole night in the water

What is gap insurance, and why would you pay for it?

Here are the situations where it might be right for you

If you're not putting much money down, it may be right for you.

Nissan puts Around View Monitor on ocean-exploring robots [w/video]

Nissan is helping uncover hidden worlds at the bottom of the ocean by teaming up with Japan's underwater exploration agency and putting its Around View Monitor system on rovers crawling the seabed.

High-tech seatbelt device wants to save you in a flood [w/video]

We imagine things get hectic pretty quickly if you happen to take a deep plunge while still in your car. As the water rushes in, things like patience and good sense can rush out, so doing something as reflexive and simple as getting out of your seatbelt can waste time you don't really have. If you're worried about ending up underwater in your car, then you'll want to check out the Escape Belt from Dutch company Fijen.

In Detail: Rinspeed

Even if you've never heard of Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed, don't be surprised if you've seen some of their funky concepts before. Since 1979, they have put out more than twenty concept vehicles that challenge the status quo of transportation. Many of their ideas are wild. But they don't just theorize them as drawings on paper, they actually build them. A famous Walt Disney quote is proudly displayed on Rinspeed's website t