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The highway to the high seas

Turn heads on the road or in the lake

Turn heads on the road or in the lake.

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The Stik Boat is a fisherman's dream

Never make an excuse to not go fishing

Never make an excuse to not go fishing.

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This foldable canoe makes traveling a breeze

Scratch your origami itch and your canoeing itch at the same time

Scratch your origami itch and your canoeing itch at the same time.

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Jetfoiler Waterboard | Autoblog Minute

The Jetfoiler serves as a training tool for the endeavoring kiteboarder, while opening doors for a new population of riders at the same time. With its use of efoils to power the board and optional cruise control. This board pushes the limits of watersports like never before.

How to Remove Water from a Tail Light

Once the sun sets, our tail lights are used to alert drivers behind us of our presence on the road.

Tesla supplier will recycle Flint water bottles into car parts

C3 Ventures wants to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

An unlikely solution presents itself to the massive piles of trash generated by the Flint Water Crisis.

How to Drive Your Vehicle Through a Flood

Seasonal changes can bring hazardous weather, including rain and flooding.

Alternative fuels use more water than fossil fuels

Still, there are worse things for the environment.

A new study compares the water usage of various fuels, and shows room for improvement for alternative fuels.

Preserved truck found at the bottom of frozen lake

A fisherman in central Minnesota pulled more than bluegill and bass out of his local fishing hole earlier this month. A fisherman in central Minnesota pulled more than bluegill and bass out of his local fishing hole earlier this month.

Gas Station Fills Customers' Tanks With Water

Woman charged $3,000 for replacement parts

A woman in New Jersey is fighting to have her car repaired after she filled up her tank with what turned out to be tainted gasoline.

Hollywood stars drink hydrogen B-Class F-Cell emission water in Death Valley [UPDATE]

A plug-in electric vehicle can be used to power a house during a winter storm, but if you're more worried about the heat of, say, Death Valley, then maybe you'll want a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell along. That's the message of a new video from Daimler and

Ford reduces water use in vehicle assembly by 10.6 billion gallons

Ford is reducing its water use much faster than expected, and touting the achievement with another infographic. During 2012, the global automaker achieved an 8.5 percent reduction in the amount of water used to make its vehicles, putting Ford more

High-tech seatbelt device wants to save you in a flood [w/video]

We imagine things get hectic pretty quickly if you happen to take a deep plunge while still in your car. As the water rushes in, things like patience and good sense can rush out, so doing something as reflexive and simple as getting out of your seatbelt can waste time you don't really have. If you're worried about ending up underwater in your car, then you'll want to check out the Escape Belt from Dutch company Fijen.

Honda uses hydro power because "Every Drop Counts"

A little water power can pull about seven gas-powered cars off the road.

In Detail: Water-Powered FlyBoard

A water-powered jetpack may not be new, but it surely is still unique and awesome. And, unlike the Jetlev, this water-powered FlyBoard is actually somewhat affordable.

Ampera video will be shown on temporary water screen in UK

Some say the Vauxhall Ampera extended-range plug-in can do amazing things, but we're pretty sure the sister vehicle to the Chevrolet Volt can't float on water. That's what the U.S. model is for.

Driving a hydrogen car on a hot day? Drink the exhaust for refreshment

Here's an interesting way to look at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, courtesy of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. In a new blog update, the CaFCP says, "Nothing like a little exhaust from a fuel cell electric vehicle ... water so clean you can drink it."

Video: WaveJet is personal water propulsion powered by batteries

WaveJet demonstration – Click above to watch video after the jump

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