Audi plans new design direction for "greater differentiation" in lineup

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The Crosslane Coupe Concept that Audi showed off at the Paris Motor Show contained a great deal of embedded, rather than displayed, technology. Yet a report in Autocar indicates that the Crosslane Coupe's looks will have a larger affect on Audi in the near-term, not its "multimaterial" spaceframe and three-cylinder hybrid powertrain. A new design direction, taking cues from the convertible crossover concept, is planned in order to inject more differentiation in the company's products, as design chief Wolfgang Egger says Audi needs "something new without breaking from tradition."

It's intriguing that Audi is beginning a quest for greater individuality with its crossovers, since we find it easier to identify Audi's Q cars at a distance than its sedans. The Q vehicles will be overhauled first, with much stronger dimensionality added to the grille as a signature element. Beyond that there will be "greater visual cohesion" between the exterior and interior, and "advanced technology" will play a greater role in the shift in looks. As this is all a bit of vague design speak, we'll just have to wait to see it to understand what it all means.

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