New Tom Cruise Jack Reacher trailer features Chevelle SS

Lee Child's novels about the fictional former military MP Jack Reacher are ready to hit the odeon, and they'll be coming with Tom Cruise as the title character. We should know by now better than to compare movies to their source books, and this looks like another reason not to: the literary Reacher is six-foot, five-inch, 210-250 pounds, the 50-year-old Cruise... isn't. Reacher likes silence, Cruise likes the pithy line; Reacher isn't a good runner, Cruise will undoubtedly showcase his sprinting skills.

One difference that might work out for us, though, is that whereas Jack Reacher doesn't have a driver's license and isn't a very good driver in the books – he hitchhikes or takes a bus to the action, mostly – Cruise's take drives a sweetly red Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and judging by this just-released trailer, he does so through anything and anyone. Scroll down to watch Cruise and the prominently featured Chevy muscle car.

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