The folks at Motor Authority snagged some spy video of the new 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 hitting the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, rain hit the 'Ring first, so while there are still some potent exhaust noises emanating from the 662-horsepower 'Stang, there isn't a lot of tearing it up on the slick surface.

Let's talk nemesis, namely the 580-horsepower Camaro ZL1. The battleground established, the Chevrolet folks turned their verbal turrets on the Shelby and fired high-impact rounds – see Exhibits A and B – on their way to setting an 11.93-second drag time and a "Holy smokes!" 7:41 lap at the 'Ring. Since there's no reason to dawdle round the 'Ring, we have to expect that Ford's fly-by has some sort of recon purpose.

As many will bring up once the time is set, the Shelby has a mess of advantages on paper: more horsepower, more torque, less weight. No matter, for as Cormac McCarthy wrote, there will be blood. We still don't know whose blood it will be, but oh yes, one of these cars is going to bleed. Embedding of this video has been disabled, so follow the YouTube link to watch the Shelby in action.

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