It looks as if the Mustang Club of Poland has inspired its South American counterparts to get in on a little movie-making action. The Mustang Club of Parana got together with a few local sponsors to commemorate the group's eleventh anniversary with a brief flick starring some of Brazil's most diehard Ford Mustang fans.

Every generation of Mustang development gets at least a little time on screen, from less-loved members of the clan like the Mustang II to a few ever-popular Eleanor replicas. The video took its creators just over three months to produce, and the final product is clean and well-edited.

There's plenty of engine note, smoky burnouts and sharp sheet metal to obsess over, too. So, is this better than the Polish original? We aren't picking sides on this one. Both videos are a great way to blow a chunk of the work day. Be sure to check out Brazil's ode to the Pony down below and click back for a look at the original inspiration behind the new film.

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