Video: Ford Mustang owners gather in Poland, create amazing mini movie

Polish Mustang gathering - Click above to watch video after the jump

It's easy to dismiss the muscle-car phenomenon as a fluke of American excess. With our miles of open freeway and sinfully cheap gasoline, the inexpensive, high-horsepower V8 machine was a creation that could have only come from our neck of the woods. But that doesn't meant the rest of the world doesn't appreciate of our contribution to automotive history. Just look at the thriving Ford Mustang community in Poland.

That's right, Poland.

A devoted group of pony car lovers recently got together for a little meet up and happened to cook up one of the best fan videos we've ever laid eyes on. There are plenty of special-edition Mustangs in the mix, including at least one Bullitt, a Shelby GT500 and even a P-51 Edition. But these horses aren't all standing around in a parking lot somewhere. Oh, no. Instead, the owners set to sending their rear tires spinning in the best way possible, and there's plenty of high-definition tire smoke to go around. Hit the jump to check the flick for yourself. Hat tips to Brent and Mateusz!

[Source: MotoFilm]

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