CEO Krafcik says to expect more family vehicles from Hyundai, not trucks

Hyundai has been hitting on all cylinders of late, adding the Elantra Coupe and Hatchback, the Veloster Turbo and the upcoming Azera. That's a lot of new metal for one calendar year, and it appears the Korean automaker is just getting warmed up.

Fox News reports that Hyundai USA CEO John Krafcik hinted to a new entry into the six- and seven-passenger crossover segment. The affable exec pointed out that Hyundai needed to do a better job of attracting families to the brand, adding "it's probably fair to say we need more presence in the six and seven passenger crossover segment where we have the Veracruz now."

Hyundai is also expected to unveil a new Santa Fe at the New York Auto Show, so the automaker's CUV offerings are definitely looking up. As we reported back way back in June of 2010, we expect Hyundai to eventually offer a long-wheelbase three-row version of the new Santa Fe to replace the slow-selling Veracruz, though the automaker has yet to confirm this development.

But while Krafcik hints that some new CUV metal is coming, fans of the Italic H shouldn't hold their breath in anticipation of a pickup truck. Krafcik reportedly told Fox News that the automaker could build a truck if it wanted to, but the brand will instead focus on more efficient vehicles.

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