Latest Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" ad trades in Eminem for poetry on Thanksgiving

Edgar Albert Guest was a transplanted Detroiter, his family having moved from Birmingham, England to The Motor City well before Detroit earned that nickname. From there, he embraced the city and life itself, penning more than 10,000 poems with titles like "On Quitting" and "It Takes a Heap O' Livin'." His works had simple, inspiring themes that earned him the title of The People's Poet and the only-ever Poet Laureateship of Michigan. And it is he that Chrysler has turned to for its next Imported from Detroit commercial, advertising the 2012 Chrysler 300.

Guest's poem "See it Through," a lash of encouragement for the folks battling World War I, is spoken over snatches of Detroit still-lifes: children swinging, NFL fans tailgating, a grocer in his doorway. Underneath all that, Muddy Waters does a little bit of his version of "Mannish Boy." It doesn't have the shock and grit of Eminem's take, but it's just as good.

In fact, it's so good at recasting images of Detroit that we thought the city itself should do the same for itself, then AdWeek found out someone else already did. Boat Magazine, a biannual English magazine about cities, did its second issue on Detroit. To advertise it, Boat produced a video using voiceover of the same Guest poem and its own quotidian scenes of the city. Chalk up another one for high coincidence. If you missed the commercial during yesterday's Thanksgiving Day Lion's game, you can check it out after the jump – and we've even included the Boat Magazine vid for good measure.

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